Map Portal

Map Portal for the Capital City of Warsaw

In April 2021, we began work for the City of Warsaw on the construction and implementation of the map service of the City of Warsaw, along with the provision of the Solution Service and the implementation of Modifications.

The project resulted in a new version of the Website:, which was visually upgraded. The interface has become visually appealing to modern audiences. In addition, as part of the project, the usability of the Website was increased and it was expanded with new functionalities.

Utility and expansion consisted of:

  • Improve the attractiveness and intuitiveness of the interface

We redesigned the interface, making it more modern and user-friendly, which helped to increase user engagement.

  • Search data optimization

We have improved the search mechanisms, allowing you to find the information you need faster and more precisely.

  • Creation of utility profiles

We introduced the ability to create individual profiles, which allowed us to better customize the portal for each user.

  • Thematic categorization of data

We have introduced thematic categories of data, which has made navigation of the portal clearer.

  • Create and share your own map

Users were given the ability to create their own maps and share them, making the portal more interactive.

  • Optimize performance and security

We used the latest technology to make the portal run smoothly and resist potential threats.

  • Improving accessibility on mobile devices

The responsive design has made the portal fully accessible on smartphones and tablets.

  • Expanding existing functionality and adding new features

Based on user feedback and our analysis, we have expanded existing features and introduced new ones, increasing the value of the portal for its users.

Start page of the map service of the city of Warsaw.

Map Portal of the City of Warsaw

Capital City of Warsaw