Map Portal for the Capital City of Warsaw

Map Portal for the Capital City of Warsaw

From April 2021, we have the pleasure to implement the project of a new map service for the City of Warsaw. We are currently entering the final phase of the project. The goal of the completed stage was to deliver a number of specialist products, including the creation of desktop and mobile versions of the Map Portal, the Administrator Module and the Search Module. 

According to the project documentation, our tasks also include:

  1. Improving the attractiveness and intuitiveness of the site, including maximising space for the map window display.
  2. Optimisation of data search, e.g. through intelligent suggestion of the entered keyword and a clear presentation of results.
  3. Creation of Usage Profiles - basic and advanced.
  4. Thematic categorisation of data.
  5. Users create and share their own map.
  6. Optimising performance and safety.
  7. Improving accessibility on mobile devices.
  8. Extending existing functionalities and adding new ones.

The results of our work will be published later this year.

Congratulations on a successful collaboration to our implementation team and we keep our fingers crossed for further work!