The most popular technologies in our organisation.

The most popular technologies in our organisation.

A summary of current technology trends on our projects.

We currently have 14 projects underway and over 100 people involved in design work, including our subcontractors. We run a variety of projects and therefore have a broad technology portfolio. However, we decided to summarise our technology stacka little to see which technologies are currently most popular in our organisation.

What do we mostly use on the frontend side?

Theanalysis shows that on the frontend we most often use Angular, which is one of the most popular frontend frameworks. We use Angular in as many as 11 of our projects! The numerous benefits of this framework are also appreciated by the largest organizations in the world, including Google, Microsoft, Samsung, VMware, and Santander.

What works best among the many backend technologies?

To build backend applications we use Java, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. The backend framework we use most often is Spring (Spring Boot) - which leads the way in the area of Java frameworks, and Hibernate, which reigns in the source codes of many applications around the world as an ORM.

Other technologies that we also consider important.

Containerization has also become an important part of our projects. This is one of the most important technological changes in the context of software development in recent years, which everyone is familiar with today, regardless of the language in which software is developed. We too appreciate Docker and related technologies, using them in many of our projects. In the systems we build, we also use (in addition to relational databases), data storage in document structures, such as JSONB (in PostgreSQL) and Elasticsearch. The use of Elasticsearch brings powerful search engine functionality at the same time. It is also worth mentioning microservices architecture, which has become the basis for many of our implementations, and the implementation of the BPM engine, which you can read about in another article: https:///

The key lies in making conscious use of what technology gives us.

Summing up our list, we can see that we use mainly the most appreciated technologies available on the market. Of course, we are not closed to them, we carry out projects in various technologies and constantly expand the portfolio of components used. Thanks to that we have experience in implementing, maintaining and developing many different systems.